Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas Day 9

The pre-flight testing continued on day 9 in Palestine.  John spent a good chunk of his time analyzing PMT (photomultiplier tube) signals on the oscilloscope.  John describes a PMT as a reverse light bulb.  More specifically, a PMT is a… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 8

Day 8 in Palestine saw, shockingly, yet more testing and analysis.  Sarah and Pierre-Simon focused most of their day on developing software for analysis.  This meant a lot of coding, testing, and debugging.  Not the most exciting stuff save for… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 7

On the 7th day in Palestine, even more testing was conducted.  Robert and Pierre-Simon continued tracker tests and analysis.  We continued monitoring the shell pressure leak test.  There was a small drop in pressure (1 psi), but given the temperature… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 3

Day 3 in Palestine started off with more of the same.  General unpacking, setting up of equipment, and moving boxes around ensued in the morning.  I set up a printer.  Then I set up another printer.  Brian continued configuring the… Read More ›