Palestine, Texas

Goodbye Palestine

Hello friend, anonymous reader, you who perhaps got lost in the vastness of the Internet, I am writing this entry from Santa Cruz, CA, where after our 40 days of integration in Texas, I have resumed my tranquil existence. What… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 16

The sixteenth day in Palestine was Paul’s birthday!  Unfortunately, the celebration was short.  Sarah and Pierre-Simon bought birthday cupcakes, so as soon as they arrived in the morning we all sang happy birthday and had cupcakes for Paul.  That was… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 15

The 15th day in Palestine started with the long-awaited delivery of the gondola that will hold our payload.  It’s construction was delayed due to a delivery mishaps.  Instead of shipping two long, aluminum plates to CSBF in Palestine, they shipped… Read More ›

Palestine, Texas Day 14

Day 14 in Palestine, Texas was not an eventful one.  Everyone pretty much continued their work from the previous day.  James worked on the relay box and the charge controller.  Brian configured the black box recorders some more.  Pierre-Simon and… Read More ›