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  • Kisses from the strat

    As of May 16th 2018, 00:07 Swedish Time, AESOP-Lite is in the air, and Roger has officially become the first koala to experience space-like conditions (a claim that isĀ  unfortunately impossible to corroborate…). To totally misquote Jane Austen, it is… Read More ›

  • …Hello Esrange!

    Can you hear it? Can you hear the winds blowing across the lonely hills of Lapland, the infinitesimal sound a snowflake makes as it lands, the distant howling of a moose herd? If you can, well, maybe you’ve also found… Read More ›

  • Goodbye Palestine

    Hello friend, anonymous reader, you who perhaps got lost in the vastness of the Internet, I am writing this entry from Santa Cruz, CA, where after our 40 days of integration in Texas, I have resumed my tranquil existence. What… Read More ›

  • Palestine, TX, Days 28-31

    Hi all, it’s Sarah from the hangar (not to be confused with Lucy from accounting, or Jenny from the block). I left you last time right at the start of our thermal vacuum test, on Thursday. Good news is, everything… Read More ›

  • Palestine, TX, Days 23-27

    Greetings friends. The past few days were quite eventful. If every blog post were titled like an episode of Friends (how I wish we started it this way), I would name it: “The One with The Mardi Gras Parade On… Read More ›

  • Palestine, Texas Day(s) 19-22

    Hello, world. If you could have guessed from the gaps in the blog’s publication, Matt is now gone, and I am taking over. As a memento, he left us a couple of beers, and about a thousand Q-tips… You shall… Read More ›