Palestine, Texas Day 17

I took day 17 in Palestine off.  So did Brian, John, Sarah, and Pierre-Simon.  This means we have no pictures were taken of the hangar during the day, however we can assume James and Paul threw a massive party.

The main events of said party were flight cables and coding.  James kept setting up flight cables and electronics on the gondola.  Paul continued updating, testing, debugging, and re-configuring his software.  The list of tasks he accomplished are as follows:

    1. Updated MIPFlit (one of his software tools)
    2. Default baud rate of 19.2, buffer flush rate adjusted to allow full parameter dumps at 19.2

    3. Final cleanup of the new parameter reads (temperatures and currents), and possible implementation of additional ones.

 I mostly slept, so that will be all for the blog for this day.

[No time lapse either, sorry]

-Matt Collins


Categories: Palestine, Texas

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