Palestine, Texas Day 14

Day 14 in Palestine, Texas was not an eventful one.  Everyone pretty much continued their work from the previous day.  James worked on the relay box and the charge controller.  Brian configured the black box recorders some more.  Pierre-Simon and Robert furthered their progress.  Sarah’s long-term task of building analysis software persisted.


One of our many pictures of the collaboration.  Take note of Roger photoshopped onto Sarah’s left shoulder.

Only a few unique functions occurred, one of them being a false start.  The first was early in the morning.  Someone finally came and took away the spare bottom shells that had caused Pierre-Simon to tear his pants.  John helped them take it away with a forklift.  I don’t mean that John drove the forklift, but he helped push the self-made crate onto the lift.  Later on, Pierre-Simon, James, and myself attempted to calibrate the altimeter barometer, but we did not get far.  We quickly discovered there was a leak in the vacuum pump.  This meant the calibration had to be postponed until the leak could be fixed.  Finally, had picture day.  This was the only day that everyone in the AESOP-Lite collaboration would be in Palestine.  Therefore, in the early afternoon we all headed out to the CSBF sign at the entrance gate in order to take a group photo.  Pierre-Simon snapped all the pictures, probably around 100 of them, using his nice camera (the same camera he has been using for all the time lapses).  Most of the pictures were very nice.  Most of them.  If you rifle through the images quickly, like a flip book, you’ll catch John doing a little dance across the screen and then back to where he started.  I’m very much looking forward to having this in gif form.  I promise I won’t share with to many Physics students back at UD.

-Matt Collins



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