Palestine, Texas Day 5

[profanity redacted]SNOW DAY!! WOO HOO!!


The Texas blizzard of 2018

We didn’t do any work on day 5 in Palestine (save for data analysis and a little on this website). We had a snow day.  There was a light dusting and a little bit of ice here or there, but it was nothing compared to the icy conditions were worked through in Delaware; not even close.  Around the hotel at least, the roads were perfectly driveable.  Texas disagreed.  The main road was littered with car crashes and in response they were shut down.  CSBF was shut down as well.  Basically, we were told by every body that held any authority over us to stay off the road and stay home, so stay home we did.  I’ll use this opportunity to praise the amazing hotel we are staying at.

We are staying The Redlands Hotel , also known as the Redlands Historic Inn est. 1914.  It’s a fairly small hotel.  The first two floors house businesses and our open to the public.  The first floor contains a boutique, a gallery, a beautiful upscale restaurant, and the main offices where the retired couple that own the hotel manage their business from.  The second floor is home to a variety of businesses and more importantly quite a few historical artifacts.  Palestine used to be a major railroad town and The Redlands Hotel honors that by having a mini museum on their second floor.

What’s important to us, however, are the amazing hotel suites on the floors above.  The rooms are unique, no two are the same.  My room has two large smart TVs, a kitchenette with everything I need to cook for myself, a full-sized fridge, a granite counter, central air, a queen sized bed, and my own private bathroom.  Apparently the chief of police stayed there, so they updated the room to be fully modernized.  For all intents and purposes, it’s a very nice small apartment.  The owners are extremely friendly and the house keeper is fantastic.  I’m used to cleaning up after myself for the most part, but when I got back to my room one day the dishes were done and the entire apartment was spotless and organized. Even my toiletries had been neatly laid out on the bathroom counter.  I was unreasonably excited about this.  Overall, I would say Redlands is the place to stay in Palestine, Texas.

-Matt Collins

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